Dear Shareholders,

Greetings. I am Lee Gyu Suk, President of Hyundai Mobis. I extend my heartfelt thanks for your support and encouragement throughout this year.

The global automotive market is rapidly evolving into a future mobility industry. Hyundai Mobis has been focusing on enhancing our technological competitiveness centered on electrification and key auto components, and we have been making concerted efforts to create new business opportunities.

In the coming year, our employees will continue to prepare for an unwavering leap towards becoming a ‘Mobility Solutions Provider,’ grounded in our shareholders' consistent encouragement and support. We aim to merge our software and hardware capabilities to offer solutions optimized for customer needs and intend to navigate the paradigm shift of the electrification era.

Hyundai Mobis is expanding its electrification hubs in North America, Europe, and Asia in line with the increase in global orders. Completing this global expansion of our electrification hubs will strengthen our mid-to-long-term competitiveness and solidify our foundation to emerge as a global 'top player' in the future mobility market. In this process, we will build an efficient and professional organization and corporate culture capable of swiftly responding to market and customer needs, thereby flexibly addressing mobility innovations.

Additionally, we aim to accelerate profitability improvement in the manufacturing sector through efficient resource utilization. We will ensure that the substantial investments in research and development needed for the future mobility market translate into overall business profitability. Our ultimate goal is to enhance shareholder value through reorganizing our business portfolio and efficient management.

We are dedicated to increasing shareholder value and trust through future growth and enhanced profitability. Notably, the investments emphasized earlier in electrification, electronic components, and software will be harvested as improvements in profitability. Through this, we aim to elevate our corporate value in the global market and continue stable returns to our shareholders.

Dear Shareholders,

Our company is transitioning into a phase of future growth strategy through expansion in our core auto component business and global growth, now moving towards intensifying our research and development efforts. Moreover, we are intensifying our efforts to diversify our global client base in response to electrification and open innovation, enhancing our order procurement.

We ask for your continued support and encouragement, enabling our employees to diligently fulfill their roles in enhancing our future competitiveness. We, too, are committed to innovating in various ways to maximize shareholder value and reciprocate your trust through more transparent communication.

Thank you.

President of Hyundai Mobis, Lee Gyu SuK

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Innovation for Humanity, Mobility for Tomorrow

Innovation for Humanity, Mobility for Tomorrow

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Green Transformation to 2045 Net-Zero


It contains details on the will, vision, direction, and speed with regard to achieving the 2045 Net-Zero. Together with its public proclamation for net-zero, Hyundai Mobis committed to the Science-Based Targets initiative to begin its full-fledged journey toward net-zero emissions.

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